Freeos is an economic system that is driven by the community—it is your economy, your currencies, and you have a say on how it runs.

Some of Freeos’ guiding principles are cooperation, democracy, disintermediation and meritocracy.

This is facilitated by reducing—or eliminating—the middleman, by enabling genuine peer-to-peer social, democratic and transactional connections, and by compensating individuals based on their actual contributions through both monetary and social rewards.

Using the unique qualities of the blockchain, communities of people coming together, working together, and being a part of something is how the majority of value is created.

Working together to create value.

Community Personas

Although anyone can join Freeos and therefore we expect a wide variety of participants, we do expect the community to attract the following personas:

Community Leaders

Local Market Organizers:  Those that may wish to utilize FREEOS to develop local markets (i.e. farmer’s markets) and help attract community members to buy locally.
Local Revitalisation Efforts:  Towns and communities that wish to incentivise revitalisation efforts in their local community with a currency that can be used locally, or widely.
Cooperatives:  Co-ops that see the potential of the Freeos system and may see ways to integrate a global—but local—currency that is readily available to all, and built on democratic principles.
DAOs:  Decentralised Autonomous Organisations that may wish to use FREEOS as an easy-to-use, equitable incentive structure for true democratic voting on the blockchain.
FreeDAO Leaders:  Those are aligned with the vision of FreeDAO and Freeos and wish to help create tools of collaboration of freedom.


Freedom Advocates:  who may dream of a more free world, with options and opportunities to work together to create a better system that facilitates freedom and honors democratic principles.
Progressive Libertarians:  this juxtaposition of a persona may be those that want reasonable freedoms of the individual to be maintained—in a world where a good starting foundation ensures a world that works for us all.
Web3/Blockchain Advocates:  those that advocate for increasing levels of decentralization to provide working alternatives to centralized systems and forces that often get corrupted over time—even despite good starting intentions.

Buyers & Sellers

Traders:  Those who may wish to attempt to predict the short term price movements of FREEOS—based on the economic policy enacted by the community—and trade it towards increased value.
Investors:  Those that see the Network Effects of a growing, vibrant economy may cause the price of FREEOS to rise—long term.
Vendors or Individuals:  Those who may wish to accept FREEOS or FREEBI for either the virtual or real-world marketplaces—knowing that there’s a large and growing market that can be attracted.
Arbitrageurs:  Those who are looking for an opportunity to get a discount on the sale of the Reserve Pool assets so they will purchase FREEOS to access those discounted assets (e.g. BTC, ETH, XPR, ICP, USDC).
Buyers:  Those that need FREEOS to either pay the Mint Fee, or to get access to some of the upcoming goods and services—especially those that aren’t found anywhere else.
Sellers:  Those that have decided that they want to pay the Mint Fee and sell FREEOS for other assets.

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