FREEOS is a new, equitable financial system. This system is empowered by Swiss-style Direct Democracy, on a mature framework of immutable, verifiable, blockchain technologies.  It is designed to be democratic, decentralised, open, transparent, and fair.


Active subscribers earn a continuous income, for cooperating in the financial stewardship of the FREEOS economy. 


The FREEOS economic system is in the hands of the people directly—no central authority or central point of failure.

FREEOS envisions open, stable, and equitable financial freedom for ALL.



Join the FREEOS ecosystem and community for free by participating in the upcoming AirClaim event.

Future members will be able to join through paying annual subscription fees using the FREEOS token (recouped through the voting rewards) as well as additional cryptocurencies.


Finally Vouchers (a special type of blockchain-based asset) can also be used to enter the FREEOS system and will be mainly used to onboard users that may not be able to afford entry—or for those new to blockchain technologies.


Vote on economic decisions with other subscribers of the community weekly. No central authorities to manage the primary drivers of the economy (inflation, fees, distribution etc.).


This is not representative democracy, it is direct democracy. The group vote IS the direct decision maker.

In FREEOS, each vote counts—directly.


If the community of subscribers votes on an inflation rate (within a limited range to prevent over-inflation) then the active subscribers share in this inflation rate equally.

Imagine buying a simple Bitcoin miner that gave rewards—greater than the purchase price—for a year before it had to be replaced. FREEOS emulates this mechanism—with software written in immutable smart contracts on the blockchain. But instead of high-energy computational mining to mint tokens, FREEOS relies on consensual  management of the economy through voting.


Each week is a new vote and a new chance to manage and tweak the economy—as well as earn rewards.

Since the annual subscription fees are set at a fraction of the 52 weekly voting iterations in a year, all active FREEOS subscribers could earn enough to pay their next year's subscription with a vast majority of tokens remaining.

Being a distributed and decentralised system that resides only on the blockchain, and not in any jurisdiction, this system exists as long as the participants do.




FreeDAO is the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation responsible for the creation, maintenance, onboarding and promotion of FREEOS. With experienced team members from various corners of the globe in alignment with values and vision, FreeDAO intends on delivering tools that firmly engender increased collaboration and freedom in an equitable and impactful way.

As the team is growing and evolving, please visit the FreeDAO website for more information on the members, structure, vision and philosophy of this unique organisation.




We thank you for your support in any contributions  towards the development and distribution of FREEOS.

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