Imagine a diverse, borderless nation that includes a Universal Basic Income for all of its citizens. UBI that is not treated as a "hand-out" but instead represents a "hand-in-hand" from all participants equally.

Imagine that-instead of a Central Bank all citizens work together to decide the direction of their economy within a structure of defined constraints and informed consent.

Imagine that the principles of a direct democracy are applied to this shared economy in a completely decentralised manner.

Congratulations, you have now imagined the project—currently underway—named FREEOS.

FREEOS stands for freedom. It is a tool for economic freedom. It represents a lighter more free alternative to a central bank. It includes—through voting—the freedom to directly determine one's economic well-being. The term, Direct Economy, describes this new application of direct democracy towards economics.

In the vast history of money, currency has been an entity that is issued and controlled by a central authority.  With the advent of Bitcoin this notion was overturned and it became conceivable that central authorities were not needed; instead, clever mathematical approaches were encoded into the rules of a decentralised network to issue and distribute wealth.  FREEOS takes this idea one step further—it augments the mathematical approach with tools that leverage the power of direct democracy. 

As the opening statement suggests, FREEOS can be likened to entry to a borderless, globally distributed nation with a firm policy of Universal Basic Income. This unique version of UBI comes with two basic conditions: that one has a basic economic stake in the nation, and that one participates in the Direct Economy through voting.

FREEOS is designed to be fair, evenly distributed, and provides a way for people to come together to mutually benefit each other through a decentralised digital commons. It is a collaborative approach to improving both an individual’s freedom and well-being as well as towards society.

FREEOS is not simply freedom for freedom’s sake. It is not merely a rallying cry. It does not just represent  "freedom from". Instead, it represents "freedom for". Freedom for determining the economic well-being for oneself and for the greater community that we all live within.

How do we accomplish this? By building a voting system on the   EOS blockchain, tied to a secure economic structure. All that is needed is to have a basic stake in the FREEOS economy and a willingness to participate in a simple voting system. This entire system is designed to be easy to use, transparent, open—yet extremely secure. It is designed to encourage responsible growth, consensus and connection towards a shared commons.

All are welcome to use this new digital tool. A tool that is designed to incentivise a positive, mutually beneficial dynamic of cooperation. Cooperation amongst a diverse group of strangers distributed all around the globe.

All are welcome to join this upcoming FREEOS community.

(This project is nearing completion. Stay tuned for more details.)